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A community for the consciously curious. Powered by Conscious Chatter x Sustainable Fashion Forum

Group Chat is a community by and for the consciously curious. Powered by Conscious Chatter and the Sustainable Fashion Forum, we bring together like-minded individuals from around the globe who are passionate about the intersection of fashion and sustainability to share resources, discuss big ideas, network, learn, and chat! 

Take a quick scroll on the CC and SFF Instagram feeds, and you'll find thousands of engaged, conscious fashion enthusiasts sharing their thoughts, ideas, and solutions. You'll also find many questions and resource requests that go unanswered because they're buried under the hundreds of comments. 

Enter Group Chat! 

We wanted to build a space that unpacked the complexities of ethical and sustainable fashion and a place where we, as a community, can share ideas and resources and ask questions (and actually get answers 😉).


From live workshops, virtual happy hours, and mini-trainings with industry professionals, Group Chat membership equips you with the latest business x sustainability and leadership frameworks to accelerate your career or business.

→ Access to monthly live virtual events (plus the replay in case you miss it)
→ Access to exclusive webinars
→ Resource guides
→ Access to mini-trainings with industry professionals
→ Digital downloads
→ Virtual happy hours
→ And more!

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